Thanks so much for visiting my site. I'm so happy you're here!

The way I shoot may be different from what you've experienced in the past. I do little directing/posing, because I want to focus on you, and everyone is different, right? That is what is most important to me as a photographer: capturing who you two are as a couple. I am capturing your relationship exactly how it is, not how I make it appear.

As we shoot, we will laugh, goof off, crack jokes, and tell
stories—all while being ourselves. This candid style of shooting fosters a comfortable, be-yourself environment which allows me to catch the moments that embody the love that's unique to you. The best images, I've found, are the ones that aren't directed or expected. Oftentimes, the in-between moments are devalued—especially when it comes to overly-posed photography—but I find that those candid moments are the best illustration of the chemistry and adoration between couples.

Our relationship will be built on trust. While you trust me to best showcase your one-of-a-kind connection, I trust you'll show me that connection. I shows and it is so worth it. The images you receive will highlight genuine emotion (and bring back memories of the fun, meaningful time you two shared while a short, silly photographer followed you around)!

I can't wait to talk with you, and hopefully meet you soon!


A note:
I don’t release any images not included with the set of final images, because they were neither created nor intended as final products
this is to ensure you receive the highest quality of my work.


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